Chocolate by the week’s quick (Aztec) extra-hot chocolate pick me up.

16 Feb

So it snowed here in Maryland on Valentines day. The perfect weather for a romantic cup of good ol’ hot chocolate, with a twist. I’ll type up more on what Aztec hot chocolate is, exatly, later on. For now just experience it. As with all the best foods, this one is best made from scratch. You’ll need the following:

1. Raw Cocoa powder

coco 3

2. Turbinado type sugar (think Sugar in the Raw)

3. Vanilla extract

4. Red Pepper, powder not flake (thats right, good old red pepper… trust me)

5. Cinnamon

6. Milk, whole milk will give you the creamiest texture, but its still great if you’re a skim milk kinda person. If you want to make this vegan I recommend West Soy Unsweetened Vanilla Soy milk (skip the vanilla extract when making your hot chocolate)

coco 1

Bringing it all together:
In a sauce heat your milk or soy milk, be careful not to scorch your milk!  8oz. of milk per serving. Once milk is heated turn the burner to low, or off if you’re using tri-ply copper pans or other high end type pan. Combine the following in your hot milk. 3 Tbs. Cocoa powder, 2 Tbs. Sugar, 3 drops vanilla extract, 1 tbs. Cinnamon, and a pinch of Red Pepper. Now whisk until frothy or if you’re lucky enough to own an immersion or stick blender, run it until you get nice bubbly froth. Transfer to a preheated mug (try putting it in the microwave filled with water for 2ish minutes. Preheating your mug will keep your hot chocolate hot longer. Neat trick!
Sip and Enjoy!

coco 2

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