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This is why Fair Trade Cocoa is important. Great short video

This short 5-6 minute video is an informal interview of a group/village of Cocoa farmers on the Ivory Coast of Africa. The video is equally parts funny and heart breaking. I’d love to get you, the readers take on this short video. What did you think was funny and what parts made you stop and really think?

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Mystery Milk Chocolate from: ABC Vegan

Mystery Milk Chocolate from: ABC Vegan

PhotoGrid_1424801359783 (1)

So another interaction with my friend Esther over at brought me a fun milk chocolate bar.  If you can’t tell I’m a dark chocolate kind of person, but I try to keep an open mind.  Along the same open minded lines, she let me be a taste-tester for the first version of a work-in-progress and given this positive start I can’t wait to see how she perfects it.


This bar is brown, like milk chocolate brown, shocking, shocking I know. However its not the flat uniform brown of your hohum Hersey’s milk chocolate classic. Its a lighter brown with varied “earth tones” and some flecks of white.The glossy shine and a classic chocolate bar mold pattern, simple and straight forward.


The texture of the bar dose a good job of contrasting the overall smooth/creaminess found in most milk chocolate and is vaguely reminiscent of a Crunch bar.  I enjoy chia, flax, and hemp seeds in many of my dishes so a bit of a “gritty” texture is right at home on my pallet. However, “gritty” is a poor and frankly unappetizing description when applied to most any food, and earthy feels like a much better description. The texture of the bar does a good job of contrasting the overall smooth/creaminess found in most milk chocolate and is vaguely reminiscent of a Crunch bar.


Decent, really quite decent. It tastes creamy without being overly rich or sweet. The earthy theme spills over from texture into taste. It reminds me of crisp rice and seeds, pretty close to my previously reviewed Super Seeds Crunch Bar.

Fun factor~11/10

Ok, here I’m going to be completely biased. I’ve been friends with Esther over at abcvegan for quite some time now and I’ve found nary a reason to turn my nose up at any of her vegan culinary works of art. I was privileged to be a taste tester for a first draft vegan chocolate bar and the experience was wonderful. There’s some room for improvement but frankly I don’t care for most milk chocolate but this one was a winner.

Summary: A great start to something wonderful in the world of milk chocolate. (I hope the home made packaging is here to stay) I’m looking forward to version 2.0 with great anticipation.

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Say hello to ALOHA! Superfood Chocolate from: ALOHA

Say hello to ALOHA!  Superfood Chocolate from: ALOHA

Oh man I’m excited, chocolate by mail? What would be better, aside from having it hand delivered to your mouth.
Enter ALOHA chocolate company’s Superfood Chocolate bar.

aloha grid

Now superfood gets tossed around as a catch-all phrase for nearly everything these days that vaguely resembles a fruit, seed, or vegetable., can it really apply to chocolate? Why yes it can! Directly from their site here are some of the ingredients in their Superfood Chocolate bar. “Organic Spirulina, Organic Spinach, Organic Peas, Organic Moringa, Organic Wheatgrass Juice, Organic Young Coconut Water, Organic White Button Mushrooms (Fruiting Body), Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt, Organic Cacao, Organic Maple Sugar, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Beet”

aloha ingredients

Click the picture to zoom in and read the whole ingredients panel.

Aloha bar


A nice mellow brown, the color of chocolate in fact! No frilly prints or intricate patterns here. This bar features 5 simple words: Love, Shine, Bliss, Happy, Amaze. It reminds you of the phrases you’re taught as a mantra in the leadership course you took that one summer in high school, remember? It’s also reminiscent of a mindfulness (Read: Meditation) mantra, which actually I find endearing. More on mindful eating here if you’re interested. As always scoring for portion size is appreciated but may prove fruitless as you’ll probably want to eat the bar in a single sitting. Also just to screw with you its divided into 5 pieces but the serving size is half a bar, thanks ALOHA now I have a complex to go with my chocolate. 


If you’ve never had raw chocolate you’re in for a treat! This isn’t creamy, it isn’t gritty, its just right, its a texture that distinct to raw chocolate. (I can’t seem to verify from the website that this is a truly raw product, and their customer relations line isn’t open on week ends. However this bar is distinctly the texture of raw chocolates)


Golly is it good, so good! When I tell friends about this bar I find my self gushing in the manner of a 90’s tween discussing the latest frosted tipped hair, white jeans sporting, indoor sunglasses wearing, boy band sensation. Its dark and dry with a fine red wine paired with an in-you-face unapologetic crunch.

Fun factor~9/10

It is chocolate by mail, what is more fun than that?! But CBTW you can order lots of chocolate by mail. Hush, hush I know. Being that this is the first chocolate I’ve ordered by mail its something special. From the packaging, to their well done website, to the incredibly fun part of eating it, it has earned its 9/10.


Aloha bite

Visual pun totally intended.

It doesn’t seem that you can purchase this item in store, but you can order it directly to your front door by mail. Available in parcels of 1,3, and 6 you simply go to their site and set up a subscription to auto deliver. You may also click here (disclaimer: Its a referral link) if you’d like me to earn more free delicious chocolate while you grab your own. Over all conclusion, love at first bite!

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