Its only been over a year… Super Seeds Crunch from: Fearless

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Super Seeds Crunch from: Fearless

This week’s posting comes from an encouraging push to restart Chocolate by the Week and the gift of this wonderful, delightful, and scrumptious bar from my friend Esther over at


This bar it a even dark tone that is expected for a dark chocolate bar, with a smooth semigloss-like appearance. The cast star pattern is unique and visually appealing and adds just one more “special touch” to this wonderful bit of chocolate. And did you notice the missing bite? Just one more bit of fun from the folks at FEARLESS, I’ll explain more later.


Much like its design the texture adds a wonderful fun factor! A bit reminiscent of the Crunch bars, all the seeds give this smooth chocolate bar a delightful “extra” texture. Well distributed though the bar the “super seeds” provide a satisfying crunch with out overwhelming the smooth melty chocolate.


Plain and simple, its good! It has the earthy nutty flavor you’d expect from the added ingredients of the hemp, chia, flax, and salted sunflower seeds. You can expect the smooth and rich texture of a quality 70% cocao bar.

Fun factor~10/10

So whats the deal with the missing bite? Wheres the rest of my chocolate! According to the explanation on the back of the (wonderfully re-closable) package the “deal” is: “Our bars are shaped with a “bite,” showing the portion of our proceeds we give back to ChangeMakers nom(nom nom nom)itnated by YOU!”

The crunch with out the carbs or blandness of white rice, the smooth chocolatey of a well crafted 70% cocao bar, and just a bit of nutty/earth flavor makes this bar a delightful treat indeed.

Unfortunately this “comeback” post for me, is an ill timed one for Fearless. According to their site they’re closing their doors. @ If you can find any of this awesome chocolate before its gone for good. I would highly encourage you to buy it, all of it, and send some to me. Thanks!

Summary: A silly bit of chocolate with a cute little gimmick.
Everything about this chocolate bar is whimsical, from the cast print on the chocolate itself, the inner wrapper, and the “bite.”

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Coconut from: Lily’s Dark Chocolate

So I’m a couple days late on my next review. But this one was well worth the wait!


Coconut by Lily’s Dark Chocolate


This bar lacks the deep smooth brown of other dark chocolate, however being a %55 cocoa it seems right on par . The repeated stamped “CHOCOLATE” was perhaps lacking in originality but added a fun eclectic touch anyway.  Scoring lines are almost always a welcome touch as they helped lend a hand in moderation… something that was rather difficult with this selection.


When it comes to texture, this bar was a knock out. I’m not usually a big fan of coconut in, well anything. However in the case of this bar it added a complex heterogeneity of texture not found in other bars.


I couldn’t put it down, seriously! Stevia, an unusual choice for sweetener, and something I’m not a fan of in general. Here though, it was a winner! The bar was silky sweet with out over doing it, and the coconut was  significant contribution to the taste but manages not to overpower the all important chocolate.

Fun factor~7.8/10

Creative but not over the top package presentation, paired with classic inner gold foil lends its self well to an overall pleasing aesthetic presentation. Saving an alleged “25%” calories, is fun for sure… though lets be real here, you’re eating a chocolate bar. Additionally there’s a heartwarming story to the name of the chocolate, see

Additional notes: Lily’s Coconut incredibly tasty product with “no added sugar”, fair trade, and supports the American Childhood Cancer Foundation

You can visit Lily’s site @

Summary: A surprisingly good bar with unexpected flair.

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See, chocolate is obviously good for you! (see: Cardioprotective)

Here’s a link to a quick read, mentioning a new discovery of a chemical found specifically in dark chocolate that has been shown to improve the cardiovascular system. 

“Chocoholic? Prepare for heartening news! New dark variety contains chemicals that help improve the organ’s health

  • Acticoa contains health-boosting plant chemicals called flavanols
  • It is made by Swiss company Barry Callebaut 
  • Tests show it increases elasticity of blood vessels by 1 to 2 percent”


Full article here:

Image source:

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Here’s a preview of the upcoming line up. In no particular order.

13 - 1 (2)

As always, comments, suggestions, and feedback are always welcome.From editing, to layout, to what to review next I’m always eager for input.

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Maya Gold from : Green and Black’s Organic

Maya Gold from : Green and Black's Organic13 - 1 (1)

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Maya Gold by Green and Black’s Organic


Disappointingly the bar itself lacked the deep smooth brown I’ve come to expect from higher percentage dark chocolate. However the stamped familiar leaf logo added a nice aesthetic touch and the scoring lines were a welcome touch as it lends to easy parceling of the bar for a whole weeks worth of enjoyment.


While not overly displeasing the texture of this particular chocolate lacked any standout qualities.  I found it to be relatively smooth with a slight grit possibly attributed to a minimal amount of processing of the spices used.


I really wanted to give better marks here, considering how much I’ve enjoyed other Green and Black’s confections but I just couldn’t. Yes the front text describes the following “Dark Chocolate infused with subtle flavors of orange and delicate spices.” Unfortunately the orange was not so subtle, actually it was borderline distracting overwhelming both the delicate spices and chocolate as a whole. The delicate spices were notable and did add a very nice touch to the taste pallet, but just didn’t balance well with the slightly overwhelming orange flavor.

Fun factor~8/10

Here’s an area where as usual Green and Black’s tends to make a statement. The presentation, from the simple yet elegantly designed outer packaging to the delicate gold foil wrapping inside is both classic in its execution and tastefully modern.

Additional notes: Yay for Kraft for producing a theoretically organic chocolate bar (see USDA Organic seal). Labeled as “Suitable for Vegetarians”, I believe the bar also qualifies as Vegan but I won’t sear by it. Also kudos for making a Fair trade product (

Summary: Over all not a disappointing experience, but not something to write home about. An uncommon miss for Green and Black’s.

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Getting off the ground

My intention with this blog is not only to grow my skill for blogging, but also to share my passion for chocolate; good, great, and incredible chocolate. This will quite literally be my first post ever, prepared to be dazzled… or disappointed.

I’m likely to have a primary focus on commercially available chocolate (i.e. chocolate that can be bought in retail stores), also probably mostly dark chocolate, as a preference. Though I will most definitely expand this as I go on.

I’ll polish this more later but in addition to a short blurb and picture of my sampling, I’ll review with a series of arbitrary and non-scientific 1-10 rating scales: Color/appearance, texture, taste, and “fun factor.”

That’s all for today.

I’ll leave you with this quote from one of my favorite retired humor columnists.

“My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished 2 bags of M&M’s and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.”
― Dave Barry


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