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An interesting take on Chocolate and Science, and why each isn’t always what you think.


A fairly recent “scandal” to hit both chocolate lovers and “scientific intellectuals”. (Jump at the end of this post.) The basic gist of the piece boils down into how a daring author John Bohannon, and some friends came up with and executed a plan to trick the media into spreading less than 100% factual benefits of consumption of chocolate leading to weight loss. Correlation doesn’t always mean causation and the media at large jumps on what ever current sensation is sweeping the nation with out much fact checking and will readily point to pseudoscience to back up their claims.

Its a fascinating read and not terrible long, and reminds you to take everything with a grain of salt… or grains of sea salt on chocolate. *Goes in search of chocolate fix*.

Remember my friends everything in moderation! Chocolate and media!

I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How.

Top image: Art by Jim Cooke, taken from the aforementioned piece. 

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See, chocolate is obviously good for you! (see: Cardioprotective)

Here’s a link to a quick read, mentioning a new discovery of a chemical found specifically in dark chocolate that has been shown to improve the cardiovascular system. 

“Chocoholic? Prepare for heartening news! New dark variety contains chemicals that help improve the organ’s health

  • Acticoa contains health-boosting plant chemicals called flavanols
  • It is made by Swiss company Barry Callebaut 
  • Tests show it increases elasticity of blood vessels by 1 to 2 percent”


Full article here:

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